Learning Centers

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Learning Centers


  1. 1.     Literacy Center

In this area the children are given the opportunity to choose an activity that will help develop their literacy, interpretive and comprehension skills. The atmosphere in this area allows for concentration and thought. Experiences in this area help instill a desire to read for achievement, pleasure, information and knowledge. This area is equipped with a wide selection of books and a listening station.


  1. 2.     Dramatic Play Area

This area provides opportunities for make-believe and role-play which allow children to acquaint themselves with roles and situations in their environment.  It gives them opportunities to work cooperatively, to express their feelings and ideas and to communicate with the peers. Included in this area are dress up clothes, dolls, stuffed animals, hats, masks, props and puppets.


  1. 3.     Construction Center 

In this area children are given the opportunity to use blocks to learn visual perception and structural concepts. It also enhances eye-hand coordination and aids in large and small muscle growth. Mathematical concepts such as measurement, spatial relations and size relations are also learned in this area. Scientific understanding of balance and stability are discovered as they work with simple machines.


  1. 4.     Art Center

This area provides children the opportunity to express their ideas. It helps develop creativity and self-esteem. It helps improve coordination, develop fine motor skills, and learn color recognition, shape design and textures. This area includes a wide variety of materials such as paint, collage pieces, fabrics, clay, chalk and markers.


  1. 5.     Math Center

This area is equipped with various manipulatives that allow children to learn abstract concepts such as comparing, classifying, ordering, patterns, sequencing, measuring and sorting.


  1. 6.     Sensory Play Area

In this area children are given the opportunity to experiment and explore the principles of math and science firsthand. This area includes sand, water, dough and various sensorial materials that allow children to improve their finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Play experiences in this area also help develop social and communication skills.

**In addition to the curriculum, all children will receive specialized instruction in music and movement, dance, computer, cooking, science and literacy.