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Policies & Procedures

Fees and Payments

To ensure your child’s slot, a reservation fee is required. During enrolment period, you may choose from various payment schemes (Annual, Semestral, & Quarterly). Preferred method of payment is by cash and cheque payable to EduPlay School Manila, Inc. Parents will be notified in advanced if there are incidental expenses such as fieldtrip, family day and program costume fees. Late fees will be charged accordingly.


It is our policy here at EduPlay School that information on each child will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Cancellation of Classes

  1. Due to Weather – Classes in pre-school level in all public and private will be automatically suspended with storm number 1. In absence of official storm warning, the local city government may suspend classes. Lastly, parents have the prerogative to decide whether they will send their child to school.
  2. Due to Holidays – Classes are automatically suspended during National Public Holidays. Special school holidays will be announced in advance.

Arrivals and Departures

  1. Parents are expected to be punctual when dropping off or fetching children.
  2. The school shall be responsible for the care of the children fifteen minutes before and after class hours.
  3. Parents are asked to bring the gate pass at all times.
  4. To ensure you child’s safety, please inform the teacher/school beforehand, if there are any changes in schedule of arrival and dismissal time.
  5. The same procedure will apply to changes in the person(s) authorized to fetch your child.

Safety of Children

  1. No child is ever left alone or unsupervised. When a parent or guardian brings a child to school, they must inform the teacher or staff that the child is present.
  2. During fieldtrips, name tags containing proper identification will be distributed.

Emergencies and Accidents

  1. Accidents, bumps and bruises do occur with active children. Minor accidents will be treated in school and the person fetching the child will be informed.
  2. In case of an injury requiring medical attention, parents will be contacted immediately if parents cannot be contacted; the authorized guardian will be informed.
  3. If there are any changes in contact details, please advise the staff member immediately.


  1. EduPlay School Manila is strictly a non-smoking area.


  1. Strictly no parking along the perimeter of the school during school hours.
  2. Drivers and yayas are not allowed to congregate during school hours.


  1. If the child becomes sick while in our care, parents are contacted immediately and are asked to fetch the child.
  2. Children absent from school with a contagious disease will not be re-admitted without a signed medical certificate from a physician indicating that the child is no longer contagious.
  3. It is strongly advised that the child rest and fully recover at home before coming back to school.
  4. Children with specific food allergies, skin allergies and respiratory problems should bring the necessary medication to school. Medication should come with clear instructions regarding proper administration.


  1. Special occasions should be kept simple. An hour is given to the festivity.
  2. Parents are asked to prepare lunch packs and encouraged to make the meals easy to eat.
  3. Please coordinate with the child’s teacher two weeks in advance.



  1. Each child is expected to attend daily and punctually. If absenteeism is habitual, parents will be called for a conference.